Carla and Sam’s Sunday Chores_(0)

It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike as you are riding the bike. There’s a time for learning and a time for doing. I think now is the time for doing. We can learn later.”

“I hope that’s a promise. That you will help me learn later.”

“That’s a promise. You want to learn about something I’m interested in. And I think I’ll benefit from teaching you about it. It’ll make me organize my thoughts enough to communicate to you about it.

“I’m going to wash your hair.

“For the scalp, gentle massaging and running the fingers through the hair or touching the scalp with the fingernails can cause someone to relax and help have a great sexual experience.

“The key is stimulation in the right way.”

As he ran his fingernails along her scalp and through her hair he asked her, “Does that feel good?”

Carla had already moved to such a state of relaxation that she had to shake her head to clear it before she spoke,

“It feels so good that I was feeling drugged.”

She kissed her finger tips and put them up to his lips.

“I would really like for you to just take control, do what you want, and see what response you get. Then we can talk about what happened later? Like you said, in the middle of having sex is not the best time to learn about having sex.”

He thought about what she had just said,

All of this is supposed to be done for giving pleasure.

If you really got so relaxed just then I think we should stop talking, just go where it takes us, and not try to control it. 

After he rinsed her hair, he moved to gently nibble on her ear lobes. When he started to blow on her ears, she opened her eyes and shook her head to indicate that she didn’t much care for that.

Okay. So nibbling ear lobes is good but blowing is not on her ears.

But those eyes!

He hadn’t really looked at Carla’s face before now. Until yesterday she was Ms. Carla Glass. And he had gotten so turned on when he saw her breasts that he hadn’t hardly noticed her face then either. After she noticed the bulge in his jeans and told him that if he wanted to do something other than imagine to walk to the bedroom and if not to walk to the utility door his mind went into overload and he was unable to really look at her face.

But now in the shower she was sitting there with wet hair framing her face, relaxed, and with him not trying to respond while in such a state of arousal or hide his erection he had time to really look at her face. He didn’t know enough to really analyze it. The shape, her eyes, the shape of her mouth when she was relaxed and when she smiled, how the dimples that showed when she smiled giving tremendous pleasure to whomever had made her smile or was there when she did. One of the few things that he could describe in any amount of detail were her eyes. Green in color. Full but not bushy eyebrows that extended from her nose to the corners. When she looked down with her eyes closed and to the side she had a wistful, unsatisfied, yearning look that men found completely disarming. And totally arousing.

His attention shifted to her forehead just above her eyes. He gently stroked and kissed all the way down to her chin, under her mouth, and continued up the other side. He softly kissed her closed eyelids.

She was stimulated enough and wanted their sexual activity to move more quickly. As soon as she took his penis in her hand and started to caress his scrotum with one hand and the underside of his penis with the other he knew that she was ready to move ahead even if he wasn’t. He decided to let her responses set the pace.

He guided her to the bench facing him, leaned forward to kiss and caress each of her breasts all over before moving down to her stomach, the tops of her thighs, and finally to her labia. He kissed all along the outside and inside with small pinching pucker type kisses. Everything about that moment: her breathing, her smell, the feel of her wet body as he kissed and caressed her was arousing. He was getting hard now but wasn’t anywhere close to being as hard as he wanted to be before penetrating her. And he wanted her to have an orgasm without penetration.

He spread the top of her inner labia where they join to form the clitoral hood exposing the glans. At the first pinch of her clitoris with his lips he heard her suddenly gasp and he felt the quick spasmodic twitch of her pelvis. With his mouth completely around her hood and glans he combined quick flicks and gentle strokes with his tongue to stimulate her clitoris. He felt she was almost to the point of reaching orgasm and wanted to push her over the edge. With two fingertips in her vagina he tapped along the front vaginal wall. About 2 inches in she let out a stronger gasp and thrust her hips up to press her clitoris harder against his tongue. He continued to tap the spot with his fingertips and stimulate her clitoris for over 3 minutes. The stimulation cocktail was enough to tip her over the edge past the arousal and past the plateau stages. She shoved her clitoris into his mouth and moved her hands to the back of his head to push his tongue against her clitoris as hard as she could. He knew female ejaculation to be a controversial and debatable outcome of sexual activity. But there in the shower with his mouth covering her clitoral glans he was presented with undebatable empirical evidence. The amount of flow surprised him but more than that it excited him. He wanted to suck in every bit of it. To keep her orgasm going for as long as possible and allowing him to take in as much of her cum as possible he switched positions of his fingertips and mouth, covered her vaginal opening with his mouth, and pressed his tongue as far into her vagina as he could get it. Her cum tasted so good. He kept licking it up as long as it kept flowing. 

Now he was rock hard. He was so aroused from her orgasm that he wanted to mount her quickly in any way he could. He stood between her legs on the towel, put his hands underneath her butt, and lifted so that her head, neck, and back rested on the bench and his hands supported her butt and legs. The combination of the lubrication now present and the access to her vagina at that raised position allowed him to pull her onto him at the same time that he pushed inside her. He completely penetrating her in a single thrust.

She’s even tighter than yesterday. 

The continuation of her guttural moans and staccato breathing told him that she was probably going to cum again before or at the same time that he did.

No matter

His focus was now on his own orgasm and ejaculation. The thrusts that had started as a few quick movements became less rapid and more purposeful. The arousal, the plateau, and her orgasm had caused her to vagina to swell with the increased blood flow in and reduced blood flow out until it felt like a wide soft band had been placed completely around his penis squeezing it harder and harder from every side with each thrust. Whether the direction was in or out, it felt like her vagina was jacking him off. The power driving his ejaculation had been building like water being held back by a dam and it had now become inevitable. The only thing he could do now was to try to slow it down and let the force driving it build and build. His semen shot forth into her vagina filling her like the dam had suddenly failed releasing all of his semen at once.

She loved the sudden warm sensation in her vagina as his cum started to flow inside her but she was a little sorrowful that it would end. He withdrew from her, slid her back on the bench, and lowered himself to collapse against her with his hands around her waist and hips. She slowly opened her eyes, let things come into focus, and waited until he moved off her to sit on the bench beside her. Leaning over, she kissed him on the mouth and face before putting her finger against his lips.

No need to talk right now. 

The orgasmic state she was in was carrying her along. Even if she had wanted to it was out of her control now. But she had no desire whatsoever to stop it.

When she felt steady enough she stood up and without saying anything proceeded to wash his hair and body before she turned to wash herself.

He was feeling the release of his own powerful orgasm. At first he was unable to stand so he let everything come into focus before trying again. She turned off the water and together they stepped out of the shower to dry themselves before walking to the bed. She lay down and motioned for him to join her. A quick glance at the clock showed that it was almost 230 so she set a wake up alarm for 330. They had plenty of time for euphoria and cuddling. She rested her head on his chest as he cradled her head in his arms against his chest. They let what they were feeling carry them along and fell into to a peaceful sleep.

He slept soundly for a while and woke up when he heard her calling his name. He gazed for a long time at her face. It was one of complete peace. And so beautiful. He felt so happy to be able to see anything so beautiful that he was almost to the point of crying. The clock indicated about 250.

Her dreams were like the flow of waves approaching and breaking releasing all their energy as they ran up onto beach before returning to the ocean. From time to time her breaths would shorten, she would make a soft moaning sound, then a deep raspy guttural sound accompanied by thrusts of her hips, and then gently purr like a kitten.

What dreams she must be having.

He didn’t want for her sleep to be rudely ended by the sound of an alarm. At 320 he started running fingers through her hair, caressing her face, and the sides of her breasts. She was waking up. He placed his finger on her lips and moved her head off his chest so that he could move close enough to the clock to turn off the alarm. As he moved back close to her, she put her hand behind his neck and guided his mouth to hers. It was a tender, loving kiss, filled with passion. He caressed her shoulders before he moved to her breasts and nipples. So that he could support himself, look directly into her face, and kiss her face, neck, breasts, and shoulders he moved his hands to the bed above her shoulders for support. The sight of her pretty face as he looked down at her laying underneath him made him stop. He wanted to look at her for a long time and he stared at her until he started getting aroused and hard. When his hands reached her waist and top of her hips, he was completely hard. She rubbed the tip of his penis along the inside from clitoris to vagina until she was completely wet and then guided his penis to her vaginal opening. Her face became one of joyous anticipation. Indeed he thought her eyes had actually changed shape reflecting the release that she would soon be experiencing. He pushed into her slowly, feeling the warmth of her vagina surrounding his cock until he had penetrated her with half his penis. He completed penetration with a series of partial penetrations followed by periods of rest to allow the increased warmth of deeper penetration to spread completely through them.

With the tip of his penis still inside her vagina he moved his pelvis up along hers until the top side of his penis contacted her clitoris. Her reaction said to him that she was liking this a lot. It was the time for fireworks. Instead of in and out thrusts, he rocked his hips so that the top of his penis continually massaged her clitoris. He was completely controlling the pace now. Her movements became compulsive, automatic, and instinctual. She was at the point of only being controlled by animalistic lust. Her orgasm was going to come whether she wanted it or was prepared for it. One of the strongest orgasms she had ever had shot through her as a series of almost two dozen spasmodic contractions of her vagina compressing his penis for well over half a minute. He let her orgasm finish and then moved his legs outside of hers.

He kept his penis in her vagina and continued to lay on her motionless for over 20 minutes. His erection had gotten to about half of its pre arousal state even though he had not had an orgasm. When he saw that the areolas and nipples of her breasts had returned to their pre arousal size and color he thought their sensitivity as well as the heightened sensitivity of her clitoris just before her orgasm had likely subsided. He touched her clitoris with his index finger as gently as he could. She was still too sensitive so he waited another 5 minutes before testing again. This next time she didn’t flinch and seemed to be responding to it.

He moved to change the angle at which he was penetrating her to directly in and out. She responded by moving her hands to grip his hips, shoving his penis into her vagina, and thrusting his pelvis up, down, and side to side. The feel of his cock in her was so good she wanted him to cum in her again and again until he was completely empty of any semen and it had all been ejaculated into her. He was as hard and swollen as ever. Whether it was Carla or he controlling, he was rocking up, down, side to side stimulating every bit of her vagina, clitoris, and labia with his penis deep inside her. She pushed her hips upward against him to increase the depth of his penetration into her. After almost five minutes, he felt another series of 15 short compressions over almost 20 seconds of her vagina squeezing his cock. He came in a mind blowing orgasm ejaculating all his semen as deeply inside her as he could.

They let their orgasms completely finish. He withdrew from her and kissed her breasts as he lay his head on her chest. The sound of a car in the driveway warned them that letting themselves fall asleep now was not a good idea. With weak, shaky legs she walked to the door to make sure it was locked. She returned to the bed, kissed him, and led him to the shower. Quicker than they wanted, they showered, dried off, and dressed.

Sam put on a fresh change of clothes he had brought. Carla put on fresh clothes as well before she went to the window to look. It was the car that had picked up Beverly to go to the beach earlier that day backing out of the driveway. She could see that Beverly was on the passenger side.

She must have come home and then left. I better make something up about Sam’s car still being here. 

Carla started to reflect. She had just enjoyed two blissful days of sexual fulfillment with a strong, handsome, sweet man who had actually taken the time and put forth the effort to learn about male and female sexuality. Sexually they weren’t completely spent. They could have gone on and on. But they were out of time and there was no natural ending to their lust in sight. They made their way to the kitchen to find two empty glasses on the counter that weren’t there before.

Carla didn’t know what she should say so she asked him if he wanted some lemonade. She thought to herself,

He really knows how to fuck. I have had more orgasms during the past 2 days than the previous 17 years including my affair with Rowdy five years ago. 

Until the previous day Sam had been a virgin. Whether it was because it was his first sexual activity involving intercourse or not, the thought that his relationship with Carla might not continue bothered him. He did not want that to happen, went to her, and kissed her on the mouth. Not a passionate kiss like earlier but a gentle loving kiss. He initiated the conversation, “I don’t want this to be the end of us. I know we each have separate lives but we also have each other now in addition to our previous separate lives.”

“I don’t want this to be the end of us either. But we are going to have to continue cautiously. You have a bright future ahead of you. I am 17 years older than you. I am willing to take chances to be with you. But you are not a stupid guy and have grown up in this town. The people here can be nosy, gossipy, and mean because they have so little to look forward to in their own bleak lives.”

“I don’t feel the difference in our chronological age is nearly as important as the happiness that we seem to be able to bring to each other. Earlier you indicated interest in me telling you about what I’ve learned from my studying. Maybe we can use that as a reason for us to get together. It actually seems valid and certainly seems defendable. After all you have a beautiful young daughter who might benefit of having this kind of awareness. And maybe more important is that in one or two sentences we can bore someone to the point they won’t be able to get away fast enough.”

“There is no doubt that I am older than you. But you seem wiser than me already. It’s after 5. As much as I hate to, I think we need to call it a day and week end. You have school tomorrow and I have a 17 year old daughter to get ready for school tomorrow.”

“I agree with you that we need to proceed cautiously but where there is a will there is a way. It seems there is a will within each of us. You have my cell phone number and I have yours. I don’t have your email address but mine’s listed in the high school directory. Why don’t you send me an email from one of your personal email addresses and I can add it to my contacts list when I get it.”

“That sounds good.”

“Okay then. I think I will head for home and start getting ready for a new school week.”

At the kitchen door, she kissed him good-by, “Bye for now, Sam”.

On the ride home he didn’t want to think. About anything. The orgasmic state he was in was new. He wanted to float along in that state as long as he could.

With a heavy sigh, Carla closed the door.

I hope it is really just good-by for now and not good-by Sam. 

At 630 the car came up the drive to drop Beverly off. 

As Beverly opened the door Carla wondered to herself what she would say. She needn’t have worried. Beverly being the type of teen she was, initiated the conversation.

“Hi Mom. Are we going to have supper soon? I’m hungry.”

Not a word about Sam’s car. I wonder if she even noticed. 

“Your dad won’t be having supper with us. He went fishing with George Little and will eat at the harbor. For us, I have it underway. We’ll be having spaghetti and a salad. Did you have a good day?”

“I had a good day. Did you?”

“Yes I did. I got some things done.”

“That’s good. Do you mind if I go take a shower before we eat?”

“Of course not. I can get supper ready in less than 10 minutes so take your time.”

“Thanks mom. You truly are the best.”

As Carla sat down at the kitchen table with a large glass of Merlot she thought to herself,

Yes. I indeed had a great day. I know it’s a lot to ask but I wish every day was more like this.
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